Yoga Core & Vinyasa Flow Class

About the course

Yoga Core focus on strengthening your lower abdomen, lower back, arms and legs. This class works on your flexibility and mobility while lengthening & powering the muscles.

Vinyasa Flow consists of creative movements designed to transition from one yoga posture to the next smoothly. Dynamic and vibrant flows which work on lines of the entire body. While introducing Vinyasas (movement linked with breath) into sequences for strength building, conscious breathing techniques are greatly emphasised on throughout the practice.

What to expect?

Through the 6 Fiery Sessions of Strength and Flexibility Classes, you will not only achieve desirable weight loss but also gain deeper insights into the world of wellness and mindfulness.

What to bring/prepare?

Thin leggings, shorts, shirts and bring along a water bottle too!

Synthetic fabrics made for exercise are your best bet. These fabrics, which are usually a spandex/nylon blend, move with your body so you don't feel constricted. Be mindful of the thickness of the pants and shirts you choose to wear. Very thick pants, such as classic sweats, do qualify as loose fitting and movable but may leave you feeling like you're wearing a blanket as you practice poses.

What will the school provide?

Yoga Mat and Sports Towel


Terms & Conditions

• 6 classes per package purchased / Offer redeemable only once per client strictly.
• Voucher must be redeemed within 10 days of purchase.
• Package valid for 4 weeks from first booking.
• Classes can be booked from 2nd December 2018 Onwards.
• No cancellation of classes.
• No-Refunds for promotional offers.
• Package valid only for Yoga Core & Vinyasa Flow classes.

TUEETOR-exclusive FREE GIFT (worth S$12) can be redeemed upon purchase by,
• Showing your course confirmation email
• At 60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square, #05-57 (Office Lobby 2), Singapore 409051
• From Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6:30PM (excluding Public Holidays)